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Love love love this new one from scottworldwide :D / Philadelphia PA

meace1234 asked: Feelin frisky? ;)

Not for you, that’s for sure.

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mikesing01 asked: This sounds like a dumb question but would you ever gain weight on purpose for a particular shoot? Have a great birthday by the way.

Never. I would feel so uncomfortable.

Exception: if it was muscle weight because I needed to be a bodybuilder for a role.

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More of my favorite: MESH :D / Austin, TX

thegildedcentury asked: How has being a model changed your relationship to your body?

It’s made me much much more aware of every part of myself and how it responds to temperature/food/stress/situations etc. Hyper awareness also makes me more self critical, which isn’t fun but comes with the territory.

I do also think of my body as a commodity in many ways because of modeling; I often view it in monetary/work terms. When I think of my “self,” my body is the least important part, but I do value how it helps support my life, in more than just “regulate breathing and heart beat” way.

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A throwback with Corwin Prescott… / London, England

thegreatestdan asked: Wow! That guy that asked for the impossible "climax" picture sent the same exact message to Cam Damage... that guy is an idiot... both yours and hers responses were awesome!

Haha yeah I saw that! I wish I had the meme & gif library she does, that was amazing.

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Feeling grateful.

If you’ve been following along, you may know how hard this summer (and this month in particular) has been for me. Depressed by world events, stressed by finances and non-stop travel, feeling slowed down because I’m waiting for new modeling work to be released…. and longingly pining for the old days when I bought lattes and lingerie without a second thought.

But today, right now, sitting on the bus at the start of my next big trip, I’m feeling deeply grateful. For my Corwin, who I love endlessly and will very much miss the next 2 months.
For the outpouring of comments and gifts I have received the past week.
For a lifestyle that allows me to be creative and run my life by my own schedule.
For a business partner who is my best friend.
For the steady shoes on my feet and the fresh foods that I eat.
For the sunlight.
For everyone who has hired me, supported me, and kept me in their thoughts.

It’s a good life.

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Masculine wedding looks by Melissa Glynn / Austin, TX

andyluisjohnstone asked: Hi there :) am Relatively new to your blog but have to say wow !! It's stunning , your shots are so beautiful I mean truly breathtakingly stunning - love all of them , the poses the lighting and you !! Wow ! Keep UK the amazing work and am Looking forward to seeing more xx

Thank you! Glad to have you following along :)

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haren0504 asked: Please upload a pic in which you reach climax of your orgasm while you squeeze your boobs and at the same time you got finger between your legs.

My mutant 3rd arm will certainly come in handy for that level of selfie.

Ps. Go fuck yourself asshole!

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"They Broke Like Black Nights"
Philadelphia, Pa 2014

Extremely limited edition print of this image now for sale on Etsy.  Only 10 of these are available $40 each.  Get it here

Corwin Prescott - Kacie Marie - Nicole Vaunt 

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 It’s my birthday on September 1st, eee! If I’ve helped make your year a lil’ better, please consider my lil’ wish list ;) Personal, hand-written thank you notes sent for each one……/ref=wl_bm-view-list&altAction=1

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by ACB Photo / Austin TX

Do you love outdoor nudes like I do…?

Then this is a wonderful read about the Dynamic Nude Photography Workshop I’m doing on Lake Powell this October! I’d love for you to join me :)

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