jucycarolina asked: Do you still smoke the occasional cigarette? Dan

Sure do.

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alandavisphoto asked: male genital piercings? yay or nay?


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ghung asked: size matters?


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postoronniy asked: Are you bisexual?)

While I have been and occasionally still am attracted to women, I’ve never been in a relationship with one so I wouldn’t feel comfortable claiming the label “bisexual.”

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blog07 asked: How long do you wear socks before changing them? You did mention your box was open for dirty questions. Thanks Vaunt, you rock!

Hahaha best ever!

Hmm 2-3 days I’d say…

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pixelsrzen asked: Leather? Lace? Latex?


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elfloafs asked: Do you enjoy 69ing? I am a huge fan of it myself.

Can be fun, but is mostly a logistical nightmare.

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hariann asked: If I were to offer you a high five would you gladly accept it? If so...✋ love everything you do. Oh & since this supposed to be for sexual questions. Do you enjoy sex in public places?

Of course! :D and no, public isn’t my thing…I don’t like to share.

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deathleather asked: Ever experimented with role playing with a partner?

Nah not really my thing.

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subtledeviance asked: Wheres your favourite place to put your mouth? Do you like to give/receive rim jobs?

Neck, cock or lips. Yes and yessss.

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mikesing01 asked: Favorite place on your body that likes a tongue?


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hehatesthesecans asked: Favorite sexual experience? And while I'm here—thanks for all the amazing work you have done :)

…involves restraints and tears…

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Like this post

Love love love this new one from scottworldwide :D / Philadelphia PA

meace1234 asked: Feelin frisky? ;)

Not for you, that’s for sure.

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mikesing01 asked: This sounds like a dumb question but would you ever gain weight on purpose for a particular shoot? Have a great birthday by the way.

Never. I would feel so uncomfortable.

Exception: if it was muscle weight because I needed to be a bodybuilder for a role.

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