Corwin Prescott - Vaunt - See the entire set on Zivity

So I’m on the road again with Vaunt, and we’re heading out to LA and Seattle for some work and the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  After driving through the Ozark Mountains for what felt like a lifetime, we had to stop in Oklahoma City for a night.  

I think we may have accidentally stayed at a Meth hotel.  I’m not sure.  When we arrived the entire front of the building was boarded up, the receptionist type person spoke to me through a tiny hole in a giant piece of plywood, and there was a rule that guests had a 10pm curfew, which was especially weird as we were checking in at midnight.

Despite all of that we got to our room, caught the end of The American, and passed out.  

Then around 6am the screaming started.  A lady above us was trying to find anyone to pay for her hotel by calling multiple people frantically yelling and cursing about how good of a christian she was, while at the same time trying to keep her three kids in line.  It was a nightmare.

Despite all of that Vaunt and I shot a quick set I’ve been meaning to do something similar to for a long time.  I’ve always loved the way shooting through glass looks, with the reflection of the outdoors laid over the model and then the bits of room that manage to come through in the background.  Its just something that only works at a dirty middle of nowhere motel, and sure enough that is where we were.

So if you like these take the time to click the link above and check out Vaunt’s Blog where you can see more photos of her, and Zivity where you can see much more of our work together.

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