pleasestophumiliatingyourself asked: "Objectification is about being dehumanized by being reduced solely to a sex object." Unfortunately you are dehumanizing yourself. I was so humiliated for you when I saw that video you post from the Conan O'Brien show. It reminded me of a highschool horror story when someone leaks an embarrassing video of you to the entire school. It's like you're unaware of how bad and dehumanizing that video of you actually is. I feel dread and sadness knowing the overall direction you're going with modeling

Problems with your statement of “concern:” 1. I am not solely a sex object and thus am not a dehumanized being. 2. The Conan video is funny although it is a exaggerated viewpoint (ppl in lingerie is hardly pornographic) and also I had nothing to do with it as the image was bought via a stock agency that I was first hired to shoot for. 3. In what way is my being in control of myself, my image, and my direction in life not “being strong” as your blog appears to tout as the best thing to be? In what way is supporting feminine power not strong? Are you bothered that it comes with less effort for me than others and thus since I am not struggling for strength that my strength is not worthwhile? 4. Please try to work on your tendency to be “humiliated” for others. Personal humiliation is harder to deal with but actually matters…

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